P-Olivier CHAPUIS - CNRS research scientist


I am a CNRS permanent researcher at the Centre for Energy and Thermal Sciences of Lyon (CETHIL). I am particularly interested in the physics of energy transport and its engineering. I work in the "Microscale and Nanoscale Heat Transfer" (MiNT) group at CETHIL, that I have the pleasure to coordinate.

My research interests include nanoscale heat conduction (ballistic and wave effects) and nanoscale thermal radiation (sub-wavelength and near-field phenomena), and their application to energy-harvesting and conversion devices. I have been involved in both theoretical (Boltzmann transport equation, fluctuational electrodynamics, etc.) and experimental investigations (electrical measurements of deposited devices and scanning thermal microscopy).

I have been working at CETHIL since 2011. The Centre belongs in particular to CNRS, the French National Research Centre (main scientific body in France) of which I am part. It is located on the campus "La Doua-LyonTech" (Lyon is the second largest urban area in France) and belongs also to its host, the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA Lyon, largest of the French engineering schools), and to the neighbouring University Claude-Bernard Lyon I (UCBL).


Among the conferences and workshops to come:
- the WE-Hereus seminar on Photon, Phonon, and Electron Transitions in Coupled Nanoscale Systems is planned in April 2021.

Information on some of the conferences impacted by the pandemic:
- the French conference on Nanotechnology C'Nano 2020 initially planned in Toulouse on December 8-10, 2020, is postponed to Spring 2021
- the workshop dedicated to materials and technologies for solar&thermal-to-electric energy conversion (sTE2C) that will take place in Iglesias, Sardinia (Italy), is moved to 2021
- the I-MRC conference (Cancun, Mexico, August 2020), where a symposium devoted to heat transfer and transport at the nanoscale was expected to take place, is cancelled
- the European Conference on Thermoelectrics expected to take place in Barcelona in Septembre 2020 is postponed to September 13-16, 2022. Note a virtual conference on thermoelectricity will take place in July.
- the symposium on thermophotovoltaics (TPV) expected to take place in May 2020 is moved to the E-MRS Spring meeting 2021 due to the cancelling of the 2020 meeting
- the Eurotherm Nanoscale and Microscale Heat Transfer 2020 conference taking place in Palermo (Sicily), Italy, is shifted to 2021 (dates tbc)
- the NanoRad conference devoted to near-field thermal radiation and applications initially planned in Shanghai in June 2020 is cancelled and will take place in 2021
- the 2020 Jyväskulä summer school (Finland), where a ~20h lecture devoted to "Nanoscale Energy Transport: Beyond Planck and Fourier" was expected to take place, is cancelled (as is the 30th birthday of the event). Most of the lectures are rescheduled in the 2021 event (which wil take place in August as usual)

See there for more information→

Online useful material
- A new network devoted to NAnoMaterials for Energy (NAME) is being set up at the French level from 2020
- Eurotherm conferences on Nanoscale and Microscale Heat Transfer are the European key conferences of our field. Information and slides of the 2014 edition that we organized in Lyon are still downloadable. Following conferences took place in Santorini (Greece) in 2016 and in Levi (Lapland, Finland) in 2018 (some photos available here).
- The key conference on nanoscale heat transfer in USA is the MRS Nanoscale Thermal Transport session taking place every odd year in the Spring session. Last editions took place in Phoenix (2019, 2017) and previous ones in San Francisco.
- E-MRS symposia devoted the nanoscale thermal transport are organized almost every two years. See the program of the last one which took place in 2019.
- The scientific school “Wave phenomena and phonon thermal transport” took place on September 2017 in Oléron (France). Presentations can be found on the website: here.

- The website of the EU project EFINED (Energy Filtering Non-Equilibrium Devices) is online here. Some news here!
- A large EU project devoted to thermal nanometrology (QuantiHeat) ended in 2017. You can read the final newsletter which summarizes some of the results of the project in the website.

The regularly-updated Twitter account dedicated to news in the nanoscale heat transfer communinity is here! The Mailing List associated to the news is nanothermal_news@listes.insa-lyon.fr: feel free to subscribe!



P.-Olivier CHAPUIS
CETHIL - Bâtiment Sadi-Carnot
INSA de Lyon - 9, rue de la Physique
Campus La Doua - LyonTech
69100 Villeurbanne

tel: +33 4 72 43 63 85
fax: +33 4 72 43 88 11
e-mail: olivier.name (at) insa-lyon.fr


Prior to settling in Lyon, I worked at Ecole Centrale Paris (Eng. degree and MS 2004, PhD 2007 at Laboratoire EM2C), at the NanoSciences Institute of Paris (INSP, an Institute of CNRS and Sorbonne Université - Univ. Paris 6 Pierre-et-Marie Curie at the time), and at the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology (ICN) in Barcelona (2008-2011).

Few links

In 2012, E. Mathieu and S. Lamige, impressive jugglers, suggested to make videos explaining concepts related to heat transfer. These videos are shown to youngsters visiting us during the science festival each year. Feel free to have a look here and there...

"Microscale and Nanoscale Heat Transfer" (MiNT) group at CETHIL
Centre for Energy and Thermal Science of Lyon (CETHIL)
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